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Ju’Coby Pittman, native of Jacksonville is the CEO/President of the Clara White Mission and City Councilwoman for District 8. She has been at the helm for over 25 years. Under her leadership, the Clara White Mission has expanded from a soup kitchen with a budget of $295,000 to a budget of $3.1M, that has transitioned the organization into a one-stop community development center designed to support job training, job creation and housing for veterans, ex-offenders and low-income residents in Jacksonville. Over 1000 students have graduated and received certifications with 65% remaining in employment since graduation. She was featured on the “Today Show” for developing innovative training programs to stabilizing the lives of veterans, the homeless and underserved.

She transformed a historic vacant downtown structure into a life-changing furnished “One Stop Shop” full-service permanent housing facility that includes supportive services. She raised and open the $3.8M “Beaver Street Veterans Villas and Outreach Center”, which is permanent housing and a commercial space for the Veteran Administration.

Her proven leadership, experience and hands-on approach has focused on veteran services, licensed vocational training through the Department of Education, that includes Culinary Arts, Janitorial/Construction Clean-Up, Electrical and Environmental Safety & Agriculture Safety Training through NCCER(National Center for Construction Education and Research); job creation, job placement, housing, neighborhood preservation and revitalization.

Pittman has received numerous of accolades for her commitment and leadership to our community. Some of her achievements includes: The Eve Award for Employment, the FBI Community Leadership Award, The Tillie Fowler Leadership Award, Mayor’s Commission on the Statues of Woman., KAPPA Leadership Award, The Urban League Award and Leadership Jacksonville Award.


She holds dual degrees from Florida State College in Jacksonville (Associate in Arts Degree) and Jones College (Bachelor of Science Degree). Additionally, she was honored with a Doctorate of Humane Letters by Jones College and serves as one of the institution’s most accomplished alumna. She is the proud parent of two children.

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